2024 5th International Conference on Urban Construction and Management Engineering (ICUCME 2024)

Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Ⅰ. Urban  development and construction

1) Urban construction and application1)城市建设和应用
2) Architectural design and urban planning2)建筑设计与城市规划
3) Urban infrastructure construction3)城市基础设施建设
4) Upgrading and transformation of urbanization4)城市化升级和转型
5) Planning and construction of sponge city5)海绵城市规划与建设
6) Smart city construction6)智慧城市建设
7) Urban sustainability and the urban environment7)城市可持续性和城市环境 
8) Green ecological community8)绿色生态社区
9) The city's old community renewal project9)城市老旧社区更新工程
10) Conservation and renovation of historic buildings10)历史建筑物的保护与改造
11) Landscape design11)园林景观设计
12) Civil and structural engineering12)土木与结构工程
13) Urban public transport planning and operation13)城市公共交通规划与运营
14) Logistics and supply chain management14)物流与供应链管理
15) Urban environmental engineering15)城市环境工程
16) Cities' response to climate change16)城市在气候变化中的应对
17) Water system planning and water ecological restoration17)水系统规划与水生态修复
18) City public safety system18)城市公共安全系统
19) Highway Engineering19)  公路工程
20) Urban and Rural Planning20)城乡规划
21)Low Carbon City21)低碳城市
22)Urban Landscaping22)城市园林绿化
23)Municipal Engineering23)市政工程
24)Tunnel and Bridge Engineering24)隧道与桥梁工程

Ⅱ. Management engineering

1) Urban resource and environmental management1)城市资源和环境管理
2) Built environment management2)建筑环境管理
3) Environment and equipment engineering3)环境与设备工程
4) Urban public service supply and management4)城市公共服务供给与管理
5) Urban traffic management5)城市交通管理
6) Environmental management systems6)环境管理系统
7) Hydropower Planning7)水电规划
8) Production Process Management8)生产过程管理
9) Supply Chain Management9)供应链管理
10) Production logistics system10)生产物流系统
11) Logistics and supply chain management11)物流与供应链管理
12) Disaster modeling and simulation12)灾害建模与仿真
13) Accident analysis and prevention13)事故分析与预防
14) Public safety management14)公共安全管理 
15) City Management Enforcement15) 城管执法